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Robin Hood - Out of Time

Many of you will know the crazy & amazing things the Bromford Theatre Group produce for all of our entertainment. Led by Phil & Flo, and backed by a team of local people, they bring so much joy to our community. During Covid when live performances were not possible, they turned to film making. They had dabbled before with a zombie movie, but this time they wanted to go bigger. Trialling it out they shot a few films on a camera phone including a Ghost Walk & VE day celebrations. This all led up to making an actual short film called ‘Robin Hood - Out of Time’.  It was shot on location at Tutbury Castle and also in our very own woods. The group worked with professional film makers Reel Access, who also made a short documentary telling the story of the Theatre Group from how it all began to the difference it makes.  This tells how important the group is to the members, including helping improve confidence, getting out your comfort zone, doing things you’d never felt possible or you thought nobody would give you a chance to do, and helping with mental health. 

Also remember, the group started when someone gave their passion a go. What’s your passion? What would you love to do? What do you think would bring our community together. Come tell us and we will work with you to help make it happen.

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The Brombies

Thank you to all the residents who were involved, and a special thank you to the Birmingham City University for working with us.

The Brombies and the Film Trailer They Live Outside (Preview)

We Do Exist (2018) (Preview)

The Brombies
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